About a week after I turned 40 I heard the most important 4 words that have ever changed my life…”you have breast cancer.”  I learned a few weeks later that what I my Breast Cancer is a Stage 3a Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I found out that my mass is about 2-3 inches and is currently in the lymph nodes and is contained in my right breast. 

Just as many others before me and just as many others after me, I broke down and sobbed. 

I was told that surgery would not even be considered until AFTER chemotherapy and that depends on what the scans would show. 

Writing has always been a form of therapy for me.  So after I calmed myself down, I knew I had to start this.  I needed to be able to share “my story”, to work through my own therapy and hopefully spread some smiles along the way.

I live in beautiful Springfield, Oregon and I love my mountains.  They provide me with the backdrop for my meditations.  I currently live with my best friend/sister and her family and most importantly she is my full-time caregiver.  I see so much of what she does to make sure that I have everything I need to win this war against Breast Cancer. 

My heart to yours….