My beautiful StarWhale.

She has driven me through snow, sleet, mountains, dust storms, and rain.  She surpassed many people’s opinion that she wouldn’t get hubby and I out of Michigan; she got us all the way through to Springfield, Oregon.  She is my main source of transportation; not only is it easier but also a lot less painful for me to drive and sometimes ride in.

For a short time, she was my home.

Now she sits in the driveway, idle, unable to move.

There are so many things that she needs:

StarWhale’s tire
  • 4 new tires and alignment
  • all new brakes
  • heating & cooling system fixed (unable to get any air through the front vents to defrost or even give any heat)
  • new battery and/or starter
  • new fan belt
  • official registration in Oregon

StarWhale still has many miles left in her life, she just needs to be jump-started.  She started this journey with me, and I know she can finish it with me.   I miss driving her.



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