Please help bring my StarWhale back

My beautiful StarWhale.

She has driven me through snow, sleet, mountains, dust storms, and rain.  She surpassed many people’s opinion that she wouldn’t get hubby and I out of Michigan; she got us all the way through to Springfield, Oregon.  She is my main source of transportation; not only is it easier but also a lot less painful for me to drive and sometimes ride in.

For a short time, she was my home.

Now she sits in the driveway, idle, unable to move.

There are so many things that she needs:

StarWhale’s tire
  • 4 new tires and alignment
  • all new brakes
  • heating & cooling system fixed (unable to get any air through the front vents to defrost or even give any heat)
  • new battery and/or starter
  • new fan belt
  • official registration in Oregon

StarWhale still has many miles left in her life, she just needs to be jump-started.  She started this journey with me, and I know she can finish it with me.   I miss driving her.




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