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Resurrecting a Dying Art

I’ll be honest, it’s been a rough seven weeks.

It’s so hard to believe that it was a little over six weeks ago that I was diagnosed with Stage 3A Triple Negative Breast Cancer.  I feel as though I have been stuck inside a tornado this entire time with my mind just spinning and spinning and my body constantly attacking itself.  But I’m thankful for the many blessings I have been showered with, and I’m learning more about what is important, and what actually isn’t.

I remember while I was growing up when I would find a card in the mail (call me old fashioned, but I love the idea of handwriting a letter or “snail-mailing” a card to someone I’m thinking of).  Those cards always made me feel so special when I would get them.  Even just a “Hey there!!  I was thinking of you today!” card.  Those cards still make my heart flutter with happiness and love.


So, lately I’ve been sending out a lot of cards and letters.  I just feel that it’s become even more important to express my love and gratitude to those who I love and who have touched my life so significantly. 

I knew how just the simple cards I received from my family and friends reminding me of their love, prayers, and to keep fighting.  So I approached a support group I belong to on Facebook and asked if any of the ladies or men were interested in starting up a sort of Secret Sister project.  I explained in the rules that each Sister would receive a name and they would be responsible for sending out an encouraging letter, card, or note at least about once a month.  I also was adamant that gifts were NOT required.  Lord knows I’m completely broke.  I mean the best I’m able to do at the moment is write a poem, draw/paint/sketch something special, and send out a special card when I can.  

Immediately I was shocked to see over 50 responses with their names and info so I could start assigning names.  Already I am seeing posts of Sisters saying “Thank You” for their gifts or cards.  I have so many beautiful little note cards, I’m enjoying finding the perfect ones to write with, or finding a way to make my own, or if I have a beautiful larger blank one, using that.  To see all of those smiles…it really warms my heart.

Now to figure out how to do this on a larger scale…that would really be amazing. 

But in all seriously…when was the last time you actually handwrote anything like a letter or a card??

Playlist Song:  “Life is Beautiful” by Sixx:A.M.



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