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Dear Voldemort

Dear Voldemort…

I once heard that if you know the name of your fear, that it no longer has the power to control you…  Well….you no longer have any power over me.  I’m no longer afraid of you.

I will admit that when you first appeared and started attacking me, I was terrified.  I heard them call you “Triple Negative Breast Cancer” and that you were a “Stage 3”, increasingly the fear you planted at the start festered and would take control.  Between all of the tests and the fear of being told we needed to “aggressively” attack you, I didn’t know which way was forward, backward, or even sideways.

But even with the technical terms, I knew your name.  I knew what you wanted.  To think that you even believed you could sneak into my body and “create” your mass and not expect me to inquire about it speaks volumes to your intelligence.  You’ve cursed me with pain, nausea, inability to eat, and the constant draining on my body.

But I AM here to tell you that you WILL lose in the end Voldemort.  I CAN and WILL defeat you.

I have learned your battle strategies. Your constant struggle for power over my body. And your constant hunger for my strength and immune system. I know how you attempt to attack me every day with your bolts of pain throughout my body, your use of manipulation to cease my hunger, and your thieving of my own bodily strength so that your power will grow.

But NO MORE!! Each day I will continue to rise and fight. Every morning I will wake and aim to take back a little more of myself. This is war and I will no longer allow you to win anymore battles.

You may have taken my hair, most of my strength, appetite, and energy…but you have forgotten the army that still stands beside and behind me.  I still wake up and find something to smile about.  I still find ways to make me happy.  I’m still my quirky self.  You will never take those away from me.

And while you may be there inside me trying to recruit for your side; you forget that the love, prayers, and support of those I love who are standing at arms beside and behind me are all ready to join in our war.  No longer is this war just between the two of us…the line has been drawn….go ahead and try to rally your allies Voldemort…go right on ahead and try….you have no more power here.



3 thoughts on “Dear Voldemort

  1. Thata’ gal, Cyndy! Keep fighting! And I seriously think you should be writing along with your art work. You have a way with words! Perhaps it’s time to write a book.
    You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Anne (your mom’s cousin:)

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