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Merry Christmas!!


Well…good news! I seem to be feeling better from the flu. I’m still not able to walk on my own, which suck. This means that I’m back to having my walker back in the house. I worked SO hard to be able to get around on my own in the house! I just feel like it’s 5 steps back. But I remember at the beginning of the year I had gotten very ill and the same thing happened where I lost my strength. I had to use the walker inside also. 

The pain is getting worse, only it’s going into the bones more. It’s just so frustrating. I don’t want to get weaker, I want to get stronger. 

But today is Christmas and I am determined not to let my pain get in my way!! Today, I dressed nice and did something cute (for me anyway) with my hair. I am helping to create an amazing Christmas dinner. And I am spending with my little family here with me. I am so blessed to have them surrounding me. 


The past few days I have been showered in love. A friend of mine sent me a sample of a product she sells, as well as a cancer bag from a cancer support group. My Uncle and Aunt sent me 2 beautiful and touching cards of support. My Person (and Bestie) sent me a card of love and support. My little-mamma made me a gorgeous, and perfect for me, quilt. My dad showered me with gift cards and ways to spoil myself. And my wonderful hubby gifted me with my day-runner and beautiful grey hat. And I can’t forget my Best Friend and Little Sister for my little DVD player so I can watch my Harry Potter during my treatments. My Best Friend and Caregiver and my little Cub gave me my Charlie Brown. 

Tuesday is my second treatment, and it’s so frustrating that it’s getting more and more difficult to walk.  All I know right now is “CANCER SUCKS!!!”


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