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To My Pink Sisters

To My Pink Sisters…

It took me almost a month to go in search of you.  It took me almost a month to admit to myself that I needed to find other women who knew where I was headed in my journey.  A place where I would find the safety to be able to cry, rant, rave, and also find the support and love of those who are walking the steps besides me as well as those who have fought their battle and won.  It took me a month to finally take that step towards finding a family outside my regular family and friends who I know that would be there for me at the drop of a hat should I ask.  It took me a while to finally make that step on Facebook to reach out you, to ask questions, cry, and to have another form of support system.

My sisters, you have amazed me.  From across the globe, you have each taken the time to find out the stories behind our names.  I have found solice within your arms on my darkest days and complete love and smiles of days I needed the hugs across the web. 

I find myself wishing many of you were closer so that we could form a local support group.  One where I could go and hang out, where I could possibly spend some time forgetting that I have this life-threatening disease and spend time laughing and sharing stories of family and just having fun. 

Because of you, waking up and facing each day is easier.  Seeing the pictures of the “Last Day of Chemo” or “Last Day of Radiation” with posters, remind me that I can get through this.  I can continue this fight this war within my body. 

I am blessed.  I have such an amazing support system here at home with my family and friends, some of whom have formed their protective circle around me as they often do to protect me and support me.  You have formed another circle around me.  And for that, I love each of you.

You have blessed me with your friendship…Thank you…I hope as the days continue I will be able to build even stronger bonds of friendship with many of you that will last our lifetime. 

Stay Strong my Pink Sisters….together we can do this.  Together, we can make each other smile and remind us all of how precious we truly are and that God will never turn from us. 

I love you all….Thank you….



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