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There’s always a first time…

My first session of my chemo was on December 12th, so I’ve had my first week of side effects from the chemo and the white blood cell booster they give to help with my immune system during all of this. That first chemo day, I ended up oversleeping, not exactly how I wanted to start this battle, but I am extremely blessed with my Oncologist in that even though I was running late, he still made sure I was seen and I had my first treatment.

So here I am at the office, all packed with my “Chemo Bag”, pillow, and blanket; all set to begin the treatment.  I even pulled out my book with every intention to read while I was sitting in the comfy recliner.  But to be honest, I was asleep within minutes of them setting everything started and starting the chemo.  I will say that I love my treatment area.  They provide us with these amazingly comfy recliners and I’m able to look out floor-to-ceiling picture windows at the mountains I love and find so peaceful.  Everyone one there is so amazingly friendly and happy.  They all try to go that extra mile to make sure each of us there experiencing treatment is comfortable and has everything we need.  We are able to order out for food if we want to.  There are televisions in most areas for us to watch.  And they are always ready with warm blankets, drinks, and snacks to help us stay relaxed.  They even have some activities for us to use if we want.  I was shocked to see a set of “Angel Cards” there for people to use while having their treatments. 

The next day I had to return to treatment room to get my booster shot.  The nurse warned me that the booster is known to cause bone pain, but to take some Claritin to help relieve some of the pain. 

I honestly don’t know what I was expecting when it comes to the side effects.  I guess, I was expecting the nausea, it’s what you normally hear about. But I was definitely not expecting the severe dizziness that followed the booster shot.  It was less than five minutes after the shot that I felt as though the entire room was spinning.  I was never so happy to have my best friend driving me home that day.  It continued throughout the entire day.  I kept up with the fluids, drinking water, gatorade, and unsweet ice tea; and I made sure I ate to keep things in my system.

It was the next few days that were the worst.  I had such a severe migraine that I could barely move from my bed to the couch.  I could hardly handle any form of noise, light, let alone having any clothing on my body.  Thankfully that subsided by the Saturday, December 17th. 

I’m still having issues with my energy levels.  I feel like I should be doing so much more.  Especially with Christmas coming up.  But unfortunately my body has other plans.  The past few days I have slowly been getting sicker and losing more and more of my energy.  I’ve been trying to push myself to get things in order for Christmas, because regardless of this Breast Cancer, I still want to have a good Christmas.  Today, everything just reached a boiling point.  I had to go to my Oncologist for a follow-up and for labs.  As terrible as I am feeling, I’m glad I went in.  The bad news is that I have the flu that is going around.  The good news is that they have given me an antibiotic to help makes sure it doesn’t go into my lungs.  I’m going to be on bed rest, or couch rest so I can watch tv and still interact with everyone and help out with our Christmas crafts. 

So here goes to having to force myself to rest and make sure I sleep and take it easy.  The doctor said the antibiotic could mess with my Chemo schedule, but I’m determined to not let it. 

Next session is set for December 27th. 

My hair is still here.  I can’t seem to tell if more is coming out everytime I brush my hair.  But I’ve slowly been building my hat collection and I now have some fun hats that perfectly suit my personality.  My Aunt Della recently sent me some beautiful hand-dyed Japanese tye-dyed silk scarves.  I’m anxious to try to figure out how to wear them.  But for now I have some crazy hats and some nice hats to wear.  The good thing is that my crazy hats I can wear now to help keep me warm.  :o) 



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